Top Places To Cover For Your Spanish Road Trip

A road trip, through any country, is all about meeting new people, crossing borders over varying landscapes, while savouring the different cultures and cuisines at the same time. The best part of a road journey isn’t one bit about reaching your destination but actually the wild stuff one experiences along the route.

An overland odyssey through Spain weaves past through some famous hot spots capturing some scenic locations past beautiful coastal roads and stunning terrain. Very few European countries can offer such a wide diversity of a cultural experience, that spans across all ages than Spain. In fact, the mere mention of a road trip here conjures up visions of a truly unique driving holiday, along with to joy of staying in some amazing Spanish Villas along the way. The itinerary below suggests a journey from the south of Spain, right up to the northeast part which will allow you to cover some of the top places this lovely country has to offer. Alternatively, you could take one of the popular Spain tours that span across the same regions if you’d prefer to sit back and relax instead of having to drive yourself

Top Places To Cover For Your Spanish Road Trip



Malaga is a popular beachside resort, in Spain’s Costa del Sol, and party hub is located on the south coast of Spain. The town tends to get extremely crowded with British tourists, especially during the annual carnival Feria De Malaga, when practically everybody takes to the streets from early morning to wine and dance. Looming over the city are the two massive hilltop citadels, the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro, which are reminders of the time the country was ruled by the Moors. To avoid the noise and constant commotion at the Malaga beach it is strongly advised to make a base in adjacent villages which are much quieter and even nicer as compared to the one in Malaga.

Take a day trip to from Malaga to Alhambra, situated at a distance of 150 km to witness the most famous building of Spain. Located in Granada, the drive passes through the little village of Riofrio, midway to Granada, which specialises in offering quality trout and caviar. Once you reach Granada, the awesome and unique Islamic structure of the Alhambra Palace will leave you spellbound, with the intricate carvings, fountains galore, reflection pools and well-manicured gardens in the backdrop of the crumbling pillars of the palace. The view from the terrace of the Alhambra is a feast for one’s eyes.

Top Places To Cover For Your Spanish Road Trip

El Torcal de Antequera

While every inch of the beaches at Malaga is tramped by the hordes of visitors, very few of them seem to be aware of this gorgeous locale which is located hardly an hour away from Malaga. El Torcal de Antequera is a gem of a reserve and bears ample testimony to the abundance of natural beauty and diverse landscape that exist in Spain. The drive itself, leading to this great spot, takes one past through the rural hinterland of the country with the spectacular Sierra Torcal mountain range hovering in the background. Once you reach El Torcal de Antequera, the surreal rock formations resembling an alien-like landscape will leave you mesmerised. Formed over a period of thousands of years, these limestone formations stand out with their symmetry and uniqueness.

Top Places To Cover For Your Spanish Road Trip


Valencia Spain

It is extremely difficult to leave this magical city once you have walked around the countless town squares and sipped the tapas, the traditional beverage made from almonds, from the hundreds of hidden tapas bars strewn over Valencia. If you happen to pass this region in the last Wednesday of August, do not miss out on the popular tomato-throwing festival, La Tomatina, which takes place in the little sleepy village of Bunol. The madness involves taking part in the biggest food fight in the world, which may eventually result in a few bruises and possibly an aversion to tomatoes for some time to come. Another enjoyable event which occurs in the last week of August is the wine fight of the La Batalla del Vino festival, which occurs in the town of Haro, near Valencia. Participants are made to pour wine over each other by using buckets, glasses or even water pistols, followed by never-ending dancing and revelry. With year round  sunshine, gorgeous sandy beaches the Valencia region guarantees almost everything which you may want from a road trip to Spain.

Top Places To Cover For Your Spanish Road Trip

Figueres and Costa Brava

L'Escala Span

Known to hold the largest collection of Dali’s paintings and sculptures in the Dali Theatre Museum, it is easy to spend time in the town of Figueres. Owing to its extreme popularity, it is advisable to stay in any of the neighbouring pretty villages, rather than at Figueres itself, where accommodation is pretty hard and expensive to come by.

Around the Catalonia region, there are numerous picturesque places and towns which are worth looking into. Cadaques is one such spot apart from the medieval town of Besalu and the coastal town of Begur. A drive in this region will offer great views of sunflower fields and some of the most stunning scenery of Spain.

Costa Brava has a plethora of hidden coves or Calas which are worth exploring. This region covers the province of Girona, on the Iberian Peninsula, and is known as the resort towns of Blanes and Lloret de Mar and some pretty fishing villages. In addition, everywhere one can come across historical buildings and ancient ruins dating back to the Greek, Roman and palaeolithic eras.

Spain has a safe road system and is easy to drive around. Of course, having a GPS could come in very handy if you wish to take diversions to explore hidden places.

Have you been to Spain? Where was your favourite part?

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  1. Javea, Valencia & just riding the bicycles along the various back roads was excellent.
    I think we spent 4 weeks there in 2015. Oh cheap wine, beer & accommodation was pretty good as well 😄👍🚲🚲

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