The Racing Ducks of Wetherby

On our way north we took a break in Wetherby, it turns out we were in town for two of the towns events the Wetherby Food Festival and The Wetherby Lions Great Duck Race.


Riding north we noticed a sign advertising the Wetherby Food Festival so after checking into the hotel we took a stroll into town. The Wetherby Food Festival runs for three days and includes food stalls from Africa, Spain, India, Caribbean  plus all sorts of other food.

There’s also heaps of craft stalls, bouncing castles, fancy cars and motorbikes, sideshow alley, bands and live acts. The most popular stall of course was the beer tent and lines stretched out the marque. The food festival was pretty popular and heaps of tables and chairs were set out around the centre of the main oval for people to use. The warm evenings were perfect for grabbing a table, getting a few drinks and enjoying the various foods whilst listening to a local band. A great event that is held annually so if you are in the area pop in…


The local Lions Club also we staging their annual Great Duck Race where about 500 ducks were released in the river with numbered tickets corresponding to numbered ducks. We got talking to two members of the local Lions club to find out a little bit about the Great Wetherby Duck Race. It turns out that there had been a number of drownings in the river at York so this year they were raising money to provide a rescue boat.

Once again the Lions club making a difference in the community.




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