Morocco To Marbella

Leaving Morocco was bitter sweet, the last few weeks the weather had been terrible and we were keen to get back on the road and explore more of Europe. However yesterday was beautiful, clear skies and perfect riding weather. We spent to day riding to Tangier and enjoying the beautiful day, riding through the hills and had our last lunch at a wonderful café overlooking the Mediterranean.

So as we got on the bike and headed towards Tangier Med in the morning it was with a bit of sadness as we have really enjoyed our time in Morocco. We arrived with plenty of time, picked up our tickets and headed through the Police to record the Princess leaving then on to Immigration. We had been very careful with counting our days….arriving in Morocco on January 17th so with a 3 month visa we booked to leave on April 17th…..turns out our visa was for 90 days and we had overstayed by one day. Luckily we had a lovely guy who told us the extra day was a gift from Morocco, stamped our passports and off we went.

We rode up to the ferry to join nine other bikes from Poland, speaking to one of the guys they had just spent the last two weeks riding around Morocco. Before long we were loading up, The Princess was strapped in and we headed up to the café for the short 45 minute crossing. Departure time came and went so we decided the ferry was running on Moroccan time, sat back enjoyed our coffee and cards. The ferry eventually left around the time it was due in Algeciras.

On arrival we headed through Immigration and we soon heading towards Malaga where we had an appointment to have new tyres for The Princess. We were booked in at 4om but because of the lateness of the ferry we were really pushed for time. Eventually we had to stop for food and enjoyed a really good burger at MacDonalds…we don’t eat it very often but when we do it seems Europe know how to make a good burger.



Back on the bike we finally arrived at the Bike shop at 5pm only an hour late, but it didn’t matter they seemed to have no idea that we were coming anyway…so much for our email conversation. The tyres we wanted were not available but after a conversation in Spanglish we sorted an equivalent and soon she was up on a hoist getting new tyres and rear brakes. The tyres we had were designed to last 10 000 to 12 000 km and they lasted close to that so we were happy. Ron was extra happy as he no longer had to ride with his ‘africa safe’ tyre that we picked up in Erfoud.

P1060774 (2)

With the work complete we headed back to Marbella, about 50 kms away, where we had a hostel booked for the night. We were quite impressed with our room, twin beds with an ensuite bathroom for just under $35 Aus a night including breakfast. The hostel also had a pool and was in a really nice area, we almost wished we could have stayed a few more days but as we have limited days left in out Schengan Zone visa we have to move quite quickly for the next few weeks. So it was only a quick look around before enjoying lovely meal at a local café, Ron of course had Pork (something he has been missing while in Morocco) and I had some perfectly cooked calamari.

Tomorrow we head to Ronda






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