Exploring The Outskirts of Gothenburg

The next morning we were up early ish to head north of Gothenburg to explore the islands. The satnav was set to avoid main highways so we went the round about route before getting on to the 160 travelling up through Varskil, Stenungsund, Uddevalla, Lysekil, Tjorn we just got the map and looked at all the little islands that were connected by ferries and bridges and made a rough plan. We rode through little villages with heaps of summer houses and it was really nice gazing out over the fjords at islands still untouched by urban development. On one ferry we chatted with a few different people who old us how glaciers had carved the fjord. We had the best ever pizzas at Knuts Brygga at Mollösund. The service was excellent, we ordered a Fruttindi Mare (seafood pizza) and it arrived with prawns, caviar etc. It was so delicious. All the locals were out in their boats making the most of the summers day. The day was a cracker (mid 30’s) so we removed our liners out of our airmesh jackets to keep cool.
Riding through the north of the city with all the little islands, bays, marinas was such a great idea. All up we rode 400 km’s it was just beautiful country. After arriving home late we quickly cooked some taco’s and played a few hands of Chicago with our hosts until it was time for bed.
We had such a good time in Goteborg, a great place to visit. Tomorrow we head for Stockholm..

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2 thoughts on “Exploring The Outskirts of Gothenburg

  1. I love that you traveled around/through some of the islands. It’s such a lovely area, but I’ve not made time (yet) to get out on the isands themselves.

    1. Thank you, you have just reminded me to go back when we return to Sweden next year. It is such a beautiful area we wanted to spend more time.

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