The Journey Of Branding Legging It

The last few weeks have been full on with trying to get Legging It set up and working properly but here it is alive and kicking. One of the biggest challenges has been branding, to find a symbol the describes us and what we will be doing…


Branding – Logo

Legging It Branding

This would be a lot easier if we actually knew what we would be doing. We are fortunate that our daughter is very gifted and has designed this but then we decided maybe red would be better so…

Legging It Branding this was the final choice… simple and sleek and represents us on the bike (once we get one)



Legging It Branding

Next was a banner for the top of both the web page and Facebook . Should we use a photo like this with wording to inspire people or something including the logo, this, of course, looks good but does not say much about us.

Legging It Branding

This one was better but not really showing anything we may get up to…

Legging It Branding

or should we have something a bit more descriptive like this? It is so challenging knowing the right thing to do when you have no experience. We are so lucky to have our daughter to guide us but if you are looking for help,  Logojoy has a great easy to follow guide to help you out.

Branding- The Final Choice



Our final choices have been made and nothing to fancy but then neither are we. We will go with them and see how we go…but as we all know things may change.

We have been quite surprised at how much work it takes to brand a website and learning about the impact the branding can have, it shows how naive we were about the process involved in this blogging game….hopefully the other parts of blogging get easier as we go along.


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