Why You Should Avoid The Green Bus Tour Seville

We learnt a big lesson while staying in Seville. All tour buses are not the same, let us explain why you should avoid the green bus tour Seville.

We never take hop on hop off buses as we enjoy exploring places on foot (or on the bike) but we fell for spruiker in the mall near the Cathedral and regretted it soon after.

It sounded a good deal 17 Euros each, buses every 25 minutes all day less often after 6pm. Three hop on hop off routes one covering the main monuments, one the romantic buildings  and the other an evening route to see the lights of Seville. The bonus was a free walking tour covering an area we wanted to explore Triana.

Perfect, until we turned up to get our first bus, we were then informed that the  bus only goes every 45 minutes…the second and third routes have been joined as one and only run at 6pm (not too many lights when the sun is still up). We were given a flyer for the walking tour and told to meet the guide outside the station at 10.30am. She also kindly gave us a few extra  days but we soon discovered a few extra days of nothing is still nothing.

We got our first  bus, the commentary was terrible telling us things were on our left when they were on our right, some things we couldn’t even see. Pretty average really with most of the spiel telling us how good they are and that their ground staff were there to assist us in any way.

The next day we lined up for our ‘free walking tour’, it was then we realised 1,the walking tour was not free but a tips expected at the end tour and 2, the tour actually went along the bus route and we were not doing the tour in the bus company flyer. We decided to leave the tour at this stage.

The next night we turned up for the ‘evening tour’ and it was the same bad commentary and almost the same bus route as the day tours.

I have emailed the company explaining our experience but have had no response.

Our suggestion after speaking to the City Sightseeing staff
who operate the red buses is to take their bus if you want a hop on hop off bus in Seville.. Their buses go every 25 minutes, they have more routes to chose from and 4 walking tours included in the price of 18 Euros.

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