200 days to go……

Now the fun starts… 200 days to go until we leave for our adventure.

Vaccinations- appointment has been made of course the first question form them is bring you itinerary. Of course we don’t have one so we need to think about the places we might go… my biggest issue is Malaria medication as you are not able to take this long term as it does damage to your kidneys plus it does have some side effects I do not fancy so ???? My choice is not to take anything and make sure I use good repellent but this of course depends on whet the doctor says.

Our things:  While we did start selling some things and supposedly they were sold… all are still here as people didn’t turn up grrr. So we need to start again…..deciding when to start selling things is a challenge. We have a lot of things as you do when you have had a home together for over 20 years and have 3 children. Some of the special family things will go to the children, some of the others things will be donated to charity and some of the others will be sold. However there needs to be some order in this as there will be nothing worse than getting rid of something and needing it. So this weekend we are making a list of when to start moving things on and when to do it.

Sorting the house out to rent: while in reality most people who embark on the journey we are going on sell their house we just can’t do it. We still have animals who have been part of our lives for many years so they need a home so our daughter is moving in and will rent the house from us. While this make it easier we still need to paint the house, sort out the garden including writing a list for her of what needs to be done when.

We joined the Youth Hostels Association last week and I am spending too much time looking at the different hostels all over Asia in the places we are hoping to visit…some look amazing and I can’t wait to check them out, while couch surfing is our first option for accommodation we are realistic we can’t surf every night. We also want to do some house sitting but this is not suitable for short term accommodation so hostels via https://www.hihostels.com/web/inspireme.en.htm

are a good option as you can see there a lots of amazing hostels in all corners of the world.

We will get to try some out in Malaysia in August when we go on our practice trip, no plans but plenty of options. We will be travelling for two weeks so watch this space as our sample adventure unfolds.



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