Plans are like shifting sands…..

We are realising that plans are like shifting sands, we just get them sorted and then we discover something else to see or do.

We have been spending days looking at our roughly planned route and trying to work out what we are doing at least for the first part of our overland trip from Kuala Lumpur to Cork in Ireland where we will pick up our bike.

We sketched out a basic route…then I started reading blogs… the adventures people are on are amazing and we are being tempted to divert here, go through this country, spend more time here…

I definitely want to be in Amsterdam for the Flower Parade so while we are doing long term travel we have a target to get to the Netherlands for May 3 2014.

The next issue is how do we do justice to the many countries we cover along the way. The aim at the moment is to travel quickly through some countries and spend time in others as we know we will be heading back to Asia on our way home and have much more time then.

I am almost at the stage of putting all the countries in a hat an drawing out the two we will spend a month in and see what fate deals us…what do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Plans are like shifting sands…..

  1. What a wonderful idea. Alternatively, you could use the scientific approach, as we did when we chose names for our children. Write a list, twice….one for you, one for Ron. Separately number your chosen countries from one to whatever (one being the place you would most like to spend time). The two countries with the lowest numbers are the ones you select.

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