Echternach Luxembourg

Echternach is situated on the border of Germany and is a medieval town centering around the most beautiful Basilica. It has winding cobblestoned streets, pedestrian only areas, art galleries and of course cafes to sit and enjoy the area.

Situated only 34 kms from Luxembourg city in Luxembourg’s little Switzerland, it is an ideal place to spend at least half a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Winding along the edge of town there is picturesque Sauer River which has walking/bike path that takes you near some lovely parkland, a mini golf course and the Echternach Basilica.

There is a link for more information.

Echternach is also home to a Dancing Procession which is quite unique

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  1. You guys are >>really<< getting around. I've only been through Luxembourg once and that was very quickly. I need to make the time to pass through again.

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