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Altenahr is a beautiful drive from Luxembourg City roughly 158 kms (less if you are staying in the North) or 56kms from Cologne in Germany. The roads wind through a stunning patchwork of farmland, beautiful villages and green lush forests.

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Altenahr is a pretty village set in the Ahr Valley.

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The village is surrounded by walks along the river.

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f you are really keen you can walk up the hill to the 11th century Burgruine Are. the view down to the village is supposedly stunning however we were not that keen.

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There are plenty of cafes to enjoy a meal or coffee many with nice views. There was free parking close to the centre of town for an hour which gave us plenty of time to enjoy our lunch.

We really enjoyed our day it was more a drive than spending the whole day though but there is enough to keep you busy… for more information you can go to the tourist office website here

We also had a quick visit to Remagen as we were close it is about 25 kms away. Remagen played a huge part in WWII as the Allies needed to get across the bridge before it was destroyed by the retreating German Army. This was achieved and became the turning point in the war.

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12 thoughts on “Altenahr Germany

  1. Beautiful!! That part of the world is really blessed. I visited a few places around Luxembourg (that was my first ever solo trip), and these familiar pictures are bringing back fond memories 🙂

  2. Wow this looks great! I think we’re pretty near there at the moment (well we’re in Germany) so we might have to go and check it out!

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