Big changes

So much has happened in the last few weeks it is hard to know where to start, after our not so successful garage sale we made the decision that we just wanted ‘the stuff’ gone so it was time for big changes. We sat down and worked out a few different group who we thought would value from them.

We decided to share them between a few groups to ensure everyone benefited from them, the Salvos received a visit and a few boxes of goodies, our Relay for Life Team(who raise money for Cancer Research), a Beagle group  and finally the furniture will go to a group who help resettle refugees. We felt that covered all the things we hold dear and while the money for us would have been nice it is a nice feeling that others will benefit from our things. It has been lovely to see the faces of those receiving the things we no longer need .

We have been slowly selling some things and today our microwave, fridge and washing machine went to their new home with my niece. Luckily for us we gained the use of our daughter’s fridge and washing machine and a smaller microwave from my niece. So that boost our holiday savings a bit more.

Yesterday Ron finally after waiting patiently managed to get his tshirt  made, he has been making different designs for weeks and finally settled on the logo on the front so it says We are legging it and on the back he has the web address. As you can see from the photos he is a happy camper 🙂

So things were going along swimmingly when I found out my position at work was finishing on December 31st, originally I was leaving mid January after having a break for Christmas. With these changes it meant I would have 7 weeks sitting at home waiting for our trip so we decided to change our leaving date to January 13th.

This means today we have 51 days before we fly out, and as you can imagine things have been chaotic since then counting back days to ensure we can still get our Russian Visa before we leave Australia. We now have changed the date we arrive in Russia to fix that but it means another visa application and if you have read out other blog about that you will remember the challenges we had the first time just filling it out.

Our first two nights are booked in KL and from there we will head to Thailand not real plans so watch this space.


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10 thoughts on “Big changes

  1. Love the idea of branding yourself with your blog logo. I’m sure you’ll get lots of attention that way. Have you thought about contacting local newspapers about what you’re doing? They might be interested in sharing your story as you go!

  2. Bravo! We’ll follow your journey around the world with great pleasure and we hope to see you in St Avertin
    once more. Merry Christmas both of you!

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