Time for a Garage Sale

This week we hit 100 days to go…we had pencilled in a Garage Sale this weekend and even though we had both had really big weeks we did not use it as an  excuses.

This Saturday it was The Big Garage Sale Trail day, this is a concept in Australia where you can list your sale on a website , it promotes the concept of somebodies trash being another’s treasure.People can use it to find sales and it seemed like a great way to promote our sale so had signed up for it. This along with signs locally we thought we had the promotion side covered.

Friday night we set the tables up and filled them with our goodies, books, dvds, clothes and a heap of other household things we need to get rid of before we leg it. We thought the easy way was to use coloured dot to show prices, yellow $2, Red $5 and Green $10. Some things we had together for 50 cents, books $3 and dvds $4…not too expensive we thought.

What we did not  think about the competition of a huge number of other sales in the area due to the trail, it was a really quiet day only about 20 people visited and we made $138 :-(. What really annoyed me though was a man who came through and stole our 4g dongle, karma will get him though…I am still stunned at his cheek.

On the bright side we met some lovely people, Ron painted a few more rooms and we made enough to have an extra days travel 🙂

For me it was one of the most boring days I have ever had and I won’t be doing another one, would rather donate my things to charity than waste another day sitting waiting for people to arrive.


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