Struer to Aarhus Denmark

After a hearty Danish breakfast we said our goodbyes to our wonderful hosts and headed towards Aarhus our next destination with a slight detour.

P1200909 (2)

We had been told about Snegelhuset house about 45kms away (the opposite direction of where we were heading of course). The house was made by a man for his wife and he spent over twenty years making it. Covered in local shells it truly was a sight to see… more information

From there we headed to Aarhus to see the ARoS Art Museum, those who know me I am not an art gallery girl however we had been told that this was slightly different from normal galleries and they were right.

On arrival we saw this
P1200929 (2)

Now we have seen many of the Live Statues all over the world…this was different as it was actually a wax model so ‘art imitating life imitating art’? We spent ages watching people walking up trying to get her to move and even putting money in her basket. It was interesting to see their reactions.

Next stop was the Rainbow Panorama, an artist (whose name escapes me) designed this for the roof of the building. And you walk all around the building seeing the city through different coloured glass, it was an interesting experience and very popular.


We then went down through a couple of exhibitions one on Light and Darkness which was ok but the most interesting was one about an artist called Wes Lang who does a style of tattoo art. They had a studio set up and it was really interesting to see where he gets his inspiration from. A lot of his work has written words and messages in it which added a different level to it.

This was one of my favourites one of a series of American Indian Chiefs

P1200952 (2)

This Harley was also pretty cool (Ron was drooling)
P1200948 (2)
More information on the gallery here

We left just on closing time and as our accommodation had been cancelled we had to find accommodation as the room we booked had been cancelled that afternoon which was a bit annoying. We ended up at an overpriced hostel costing $140 for the night including breakfast. That said we had a good night’s sleep and look forward ot exploring a bit more of Aarhus tomorrow

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