Stockholm Metro Art and Other Discoveries

Today we had no real plans just to explore Stockholm Metro Art and see what we could find nearby.

Another lovely breakfast with our Airbnb Host Vibeke if you are looking for a good value place to stay in Stockholm check out here listing here

We then headed into town on arrival we decided to go back across to the island and have a wander around…

We took the tram back to the mainland and enjoyed riding through the city seeing all the beautiful buildings. As we left the island we noticed an ad on a post about a Tattoo exhibition but couldn’t work out where it was so found the Tourist Information Office and then headed out to the Maritime Museum on the bus. Much to our disappointment it was closed but we found the Police Museum and had some fun with their displays

We then decided to check out the art at the metro stations as we had to meet one of our Couch surfers for dinner later. It is said te be the world’s longest art gallery and it didn’t disappoint with each station we stopped at having a different theme. Well worth visiting.

We then headed to the main station to meet Gustav. After a few minute we were zooming through town heading to a wonderful Swedish restaurant. Feasting on Crumbed Herrings and mash followed by some very decadent was too soon time to say our goodbyes again. It is always lovely to see our surfers again 🙂

P1210215 (2)Tomorrow we plan to visit the Maritime Museum before heading to Ludvika

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