Fringe Festival Edinburgh

We arrived for our housesit with the aim of attending the Military Tattoo and Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. Our housesit in Dunbar is only a 30 miles away so within an hour we are in the centre of it all.

We had an awesome time wandering along High Street enjoying the busking performances and getting bombarded with flyers for the shows that were on. We saw some amazing shows, both comedies and more serious social comments but we missed many we would have liked to see as we did not know they were on. We had to be realistic though there were 3000 shows on so we could never really do it justice in the three days we would be there but it was fun trying

We realised after the Festival had finished there was a better way so here are our tips:

Go onto the website

There is a page that has the program for each day of the festival

Download each day you are going to be there and work out what you want to see, where the venues are etc.

You can purchase tickets for popular shows online before the Festival….otherwise you can just turn up.

For free events If you really want to see a show be there early…there will be lines sometime really long lines and minimal seating in some venues.

Free does not mean free, at the end of the show there will be a bucket go around for you to give some money…2-5 pounds is acceptable.

Be realistic three to four shows in a day are enough 🙂

Tips for the Tattoo

If you want to attend the Tattoo you need to book tickets as soon as they go on sale generally October. The night we attended there was a guy onselling tickets but we are not sure of the prices he was charging.

Again there will be lines the night we went there was a line about 500 meters long and people had lined up for up to two hours. There really is no need as you have allocated seating.

We discovered there is a café in the Festival Headquarters just before you get to the beginning of the entrance, there you can get a drink (and food) and sit and wait. Once the line moves you can join on the end and walk straight in.

Don’t forget to take a rain poncho as it can rain during the show.

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