Today we spent to day in Ullapool. We had booked a package at the hotel where Michele worked 29 years ago The Caledonian and funnily enough both the hotel and the town had not changed much at all.

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The package was £69.50 per person for two nights accommodation, a three course dinner each night and breakfast. It also included a Cream tea but sadly we could not find where to get it so didn’t bother. This is a bit more than we would normally spend but we decided that by the time we paid for a hostel, breakfast and dinner it would be pretty close to this anyway so enjoyed the ‘luxury’ (this is not to say the Calley is 4 star but when you have been budget travelling it was a nice change)

Breakfast was a buffet style with plenty to choose from cereals, preserves fruit (although for us it was strange as they had mandarins and grapefruit), toast then a hug selection of hot food including haggis (which made Ron happy).

After breakfast we headed down to Loch Broom to have a look around, the day was pretty foggy so we could not see the mountains on the other side but the photos came out ok.

We then wandered the back streets…popped into the Argyl for a coffee. When we worked here we spent many a good night having a few drinks here oh how times have changed lol


We then saw an ad for an art exhibition on the Scottish Independence Referendum at the local art gallery so decided to check it out. It was fascinating with lots about identity and how the ‘scots’ see themselves. It is a great little Community Art Centre so if you ever get to Ullapool it is well worth checking it out. You can find more information here

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We then wandered along to the river along the back of the town, which was lovely a peaceful (but no otters 🙁 )

From here we decided on Fish and chips for lunch and sat outside the local ‘chippy’ to enjoy them. We then looked up and saw a couple we had met on the Orkeny’s tour we did the other day so had a chat to them..said our goodbyes again and headed off to walk some of the chips off.

We headed along the lake’s shores, around through the caravan park up the hill, where we sat overlooking the loch watching the birds for an hour then home for a rest before dinner. It was a tough day 🙂 but tomorrow we are back on the road down the Skye and across to the Hebrides.

Hope this little fellow doesn't stick around overnight he may be in trouble.
Hope this little fellow doesn’t stick around overnight he may be in trouble.

Tonight we stayed at the Caledonian Hotel in Ullapool their website is here
they often have good specials.

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