Yesterday I listened to  a TED talk by Adam Baker on Freedom.

It made me think about our upcoming freedom, it then made me start thinking about how quickly the last 8 months have gone and how fast the next 8 months will go so…


The time has come to embrace our upcoming freedom and start selling the things we do not use, our first upload of sale goods sold in 5 minutes through Facebook (I hope this is a sign of things to come).

Next I spent time listing all our books to be sold 315 books later, I have sent the list out to friends who wanted to have a look and those that don’t sell will be slowly listed on Ebay, we may even have a stall at a Trash and Treasure Market to get rid of them.

My bookshelf had never looked so tidy and I have even discovered some books I haven’t read so they will keep me busy reading them before they are all sold 🙂

Our daughter has also designed a few logos for our blog… which one is your favourite?


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2 thoughts on “Freedom….

  1. i think you should go with the third logo, it kinda shows where you been, but the mystery of where you are yet to go

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