8 Months To Go For Our Trip



Wow 8 months to go  until we leave sitting here enjoying a cold Perth Winter’s morning I am dreaming of where we will be this time next year…..will it be on a Greek Island….in a cafe in France….watching the world go by in Italy, who knows except it will be warmer. 🙂

We have finally started talking about and planning the beginning of our trip however sometimes the simple  things are the hardest..the challenge for us is today is working out the Shengen Zone Visa and nobody seems able to answer our (what we thought was a simple) question, as Australians we do no need a Visa and can spend 90 days out of 180 in the zone…but if we arrive in the Shengen Zone and stay for two days and leave and want to return in a week are we allowed to do this and does this count in the 90 days or are we not allowed to return for 180 days once we leave the area. Simple questions are sometimes the hardest to find the answer for so far Google has not helped and the Embassies I have contacted are not much help either 🙁

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