Five Things Not to Miss When You Go To Thailand

Thailand is a country of diverse experiences from the stunning beaches to captivating temples, there is something for everyone. In partnership with HolidayMe have put together a list of five things  not to miss on your next visit to Thailand. They will give you a variety of experiences so you will return home with plenty of stories to share…

Jim Thompson’s House, Bangkok

Bangkok is a busy city with traffic and noise 24 hours a day. Sometimes it is nice to just to have a place to chill and Jim Thompson’s House is an oasis in the middle of the mayhem. Jim was an American who arrived in Bangkok at the end of World War II and seeing a future in tourism stayed. He was an integral part of the implementation of the Silk trade in Thailand. His home is preserved and contains not only an interesting museum about Jim and his life but it has amazingly beautiful gardens where you can enjoy a little peace and quiet.

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Ayutthaya Historical Park, Ayutthaya

Five things Thailand

Ayutthaya Historical Park  is a UNESCO listed area which covers the old city of Ayutthaya. It is a huge complex and to fully explore it would take days. Many people do a day trip from Bangkok  either by local transport or an organised tour. It has many old temples to investigate and beautiful Buddhas to marvel at. If you love history and old temples this is the perfect mix.

Death Railway and the Hell Fire Pass, Kanchanaburi

Hell Fire Pass

A visit to the scene of the “Death Railway’ at Kanchanaburi will be both confronting but definitely something that should no be missed. This is where many men perished forced as Prisoners of War to build a railway from Bangkok to Burma. This was needed to resupply the Japanese troops in the Burma campaign as the sea voyage was too risky. To visit the area gives you time to contemplate their ordeal but also learn more about this important part of history.

There are no shortage of day tours that can take you  from Bangkok but you can also take local transport from Bangkok and spend a few days in the area, along with the war history you can visit nearby waterfalls, walk across the ‘Bridge over River Kwai’ and visit the numerous museums.

Elephant Nature Park Chaing Mai

Elephant Nature Park

If you love elephants the Elephant Nature Park will feel like heaven to you. You can either volunteer for a period of time or go as a day visitor. Most of the elephants have all been rescued, many have been abused and have led traumatised lives. You will not ride an elephant but you will spend an amazing day interacting with them. You get to feed them, go for walks and best of all you get into the river with them and wash them. It is an amazing experience that will remain with you for many years.

Thai Farm Cooking School, Chaing Mai

Cooking Class

Part of the wonder if Thailand is experiencing the delicious food, so if you do a cooking course you can replicate the flavours at home. The Thai Farm Cooking Class will give you the skills you need to cook some amazing Thai food at home and really make your friends think they are in Thailand, The class also  includes transport from your hotel, a tour of the market to buy the goods you need, a tour of the organic farm and of course time to enjoy your masterpieces.


So there are our five things to do in Thailand what would you add? Have a look on here to see other places to do while you are there.

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