Aachen Germany

When we read about Aachen in Germany  we knew we needed to visit it is a bit further than the normal day trip being 200kms from Luxembourg City but well worth the drive.

Another Roman city it was where Charlemagne decided to make Aachen the capital of his empire and of course it has never looked back. Stunning buildings, winding streets old churches just perfect.

We wandered around in the Aachen Dom but a lot is blocked off unless you are on tour so we booked into the only English tour at 2pm. This is done at the Visitor’s Centre around the corner and cost about 6E but definitely worth it.

The tour takes you up onto the Alter so you can see the special relics stored in the Cathedral…Charlemagne’s remains and a selection of others including Jesus’s loin cloth and Mary’s cloak. These are opened every 7 years for viewing and 2014 is the year however apparently the lines are huge so you need to be very patient (I am not that keen 🙂 )

You also get to see Charlemagne’s throne which is nothing like we expected.

The cathedral is stunning beautiful mosaiced designs decorating the walls and ceilings and really worth a visit if you are anywhere nearby. The tour was informative and we learnt things we would never have known so worth doing.

We also discovered another church St Nicholas’s which was about a km walk away while it was a lot simpler but still quite beautiful

The rest of the day we just wandered around enjoying the beauty of the city.

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