Budget blowouts….

Isn’t it interesting how when you are saving so hard for something you really want something pops up and derails you and leads to budget blowouts.

For us it was a simple trip to the movies :-), for those of you who know us we love going to the movies and although we have cut back this was a special one Ron had been looking forward too.

We pre-booked to make sure we did not miss out as there was only one screening $37 gone, arrive early to miss the crowds to get the tickets…meaning we had time to kill ‘let’s have a coffee’ and cake of course $24.

So that is $61 gone we go in and see an amazing movie The Sunny Boy.The story of an 80s Australian band and the life journey their lead singer has been on since dropping out of the spotlight. Powerful….sad…. inspiring


The movie finished, it is 7pm and we are hungry ‘Lets grab some dinner” a nice little gourmet burger place nearby another $50 gone with drinks.

So a simple trip to the movies cost us $111 to go to a movie and that is not counting the petrol to get there. That $111 is one full days travel, it make me think about all the other money we waste.

Time to start tightening the budget a bit more to make sure we have plenty to keep us going on our adventure.

Has this ever happeend to you when saving for something you really want?



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8 thoughts on “Budget blowouts….

  1. Wow that’s really expensive! We tend to go on ‘cheap Tuesdays’ which makes it a lot … cheaper! Sunny Boy looks like a movie I need to get to see though 🙂

  2. I only ever get to see kids movies! But let me tell you – the price of popcorn is the cost of a three course meal in some countries!!

  3. Ouch! Those odd nights out can add up can’t they? It sounds as though it was something you really wanted to and the movie was important to you both to see it.

    Have you considered the time of eating on the day of the film in future? Maybe have a big dinner at home before going out or bring food in the car with you?

    I agree it can be tricky with temptation in the way. I think we’ve just got to tell ourselves what do we want more and learn to prioritise. Or maybe a DVD night at home?

  4. This is why we wait until it’s on DVD then rent it via Playstation, costs $6.95, no petrol, if you get hungry or thirsty there’s food and drink in the fridge.

  5. HI Michelle how do you find out what great movies to watch? This movie looks great, cheers Beverley.

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