Aishah and Kaliff’s Wedding

Today we spent the day in the foothills of the Genting Highlands for our friend Nik’s eldest daughter Aishah and  Kaliff’s wedding.

We are picked up at 9.30am by Nik’s friend Dr Zakri and his brother and had a lovely trip up to the wedding.

The families have spent the last few days at a resort getting to know each other and doing the final preparations, the formal ceremony was yesterday and today was the celebration where friend joined the family for the blessing of the happy couple and today friends came to help them celebrate.

When we arrived we were greeted with an amazing array of colour, the grooms side of the family we are all in pink and the brides side were all in green. The colours were in every shade imaginable and it made for a colourful affair.

The setting was stunning with lots of flowers and other gifts for them. We then started with the blessing of the bride and groom from family and friends, we were called up and put some flower petals in each of their hands, some greenery then poured some drops of holy water to bless their union. It was a lovely way for everyone to have some time with them and pass on their congratulations.

Once this finished we then went down to the marquees for the feast, lamb on the spit, a huge variety of local dishes (some of course too spicy for me so I ended up getting hiccups) they all tasted amazing along with rice, salads and vegetables. This was followed by fruits and a local rice dish sort of like sticky rice but it seemed a bit fermented.

Once everyone had their fill, people wandered off to different parts of the resort. The resort was beautiful, with lots of tropical gardens and little hideaways to sit and enjoy the serenity. The young ones were playing pool, foosball and of course the karaoke was kranking as well.

Before we knew it, it was time to join Dr Zakri and his brother for our trip home.

Tonight is our last night in KL as we are heading to Penang tomorrow night by train so we packed up our bags and headed down to the café next door to play a few games of skip-bo.

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9 thoughts on “Aishah and Kaliff’s Wedding

  1. Weddings are always a unique way to experience a different culture; ceremony, food, dress and customs combine for an interesting time.

  2. That looks amazing! It must have been awesome to get to attend a wedding in Malaysia and a great way to start your trip!

  3. Lovely post. I was just thinking how would, that custom of putting some flower petals in each of newly-weds hands, some greenery and pouring some drops of holy water on them, look in Croatia. Average wedding has at least 300 guests. They’ll definitely be soaked up in the water head to toe :-).

  4. It does look like a super colourful wedding! Very nice! Looks like you guys had a great time!

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