Plans, budgets and departures

In the midst of our making of plans, working out budgets and organising our departure, the last few days have been full of emotion and sadness for our family.

Our 15 year old Lucky Dog passed away. She was part of our family for so long and it has been hard for the whole family. She is now resting guarding the house how she used to when our girls were young, outside their bedroom for eternity. 🙁

Amid the sadness there has lots of discussion of the future and more clarification of how we are going to spend the first few month of our travelling. We have not got specifics other than we leave Perth on February 3rd 2014 and we need to get the Trans Siberian Railway on   April 12th.

This gives us over 2 months to make our journey through Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and onto China. We know we are not going to spend long periods of time anywhere specific due to this but that said if we get somewhere we like we might just stay for a week or so and travel a bit faster in others.

We have also received our Youth Hostel Memberships and of course I have been looking at all the hostels along the way, some look amazing and some not so but we have decided accommodation will be sorted along the way. First choice is Couchsurfing then Hostels and if  they are not up to scratch then we have 2 choices Hotels Combined and Asia Rooms. We definitely won’t be without a bed 🙂 Once we get to Europe then we will add housesitting to our repertoir for a bit of variety.

We also now have costs for all the overland travel and a very rough cost for every nights accommodation….the good thing is we come under our designated budget of $100 Aus per day  so will have plenty to enjoy where we are and even eat.

As always I am pouring through travel blogs learning from other long term travellers, there is an amazing network of knowledge out there and I get my daily fix from many of them on Facebook which keeps me grounded.


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  1. I think you’ll find the hostels in Asia amazing. We loved all but one of them and wouldn’t have stayed anywhere else. Europe not so much – though we did stay at The Tent! An actual giant tent with 50 bunk beds! There was not a scrap of sleep to be had the 4 nights we were there but it was great fun and a couple of Euros each per night! Looking forward to seeing what you guys get up to!

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