150 Days On The Road

Today we have spent 150 days on the road  so we thought we would share some things about our adventure.

So far we have:
Travelled over 25477 kms ( this is only our point to point travel not day trips etc)

We have travelled on motorbikes, trains, buses, boat, cars, camels, horses, tuk tuks, one plane and a loaf.

We have spent time in 15 countries since we left Australia. Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, England, France, Belgium and Luxembourg

We have slept in 16 hotels or hostels, 1 boat and 13 trains.

We have surfed 8 couches and caught up with 9 surfers ( who had stayed with us in Australia)

We have been a house sitter at 1 house looking after 5 kittens and 3 cats.

We have lost 1 bag full of tea,coffee and a watch, a couple of hats ( Michele is not a hat person) and 1 wedding ring.

We have spent $29365.66 Aus. this includes two motorbikes 🙁 , all of our trains, buses etc from Malaysia to Europe and of course all of our food and accommodation not too bad really considering I have heard of people spending this on a 6 week European holiday,

Lessons learnt:

You do not always save money by buying cheap- our first motorbike was a huge lesson in this we thought we had a bargain but it was not to be.

Not to have expectations-China and Russia were nothing like we expected communist countries to be. We have discovered the more we travel the more we realise people are the same the world over no matter their countries’ politics, normal people just get on with life they all wan the same things… A safe place for them and their family to live, enough food and the ability to support themselves.

There will be bad days that happens wherever you are but the bad days are better than the good days working (and I loved my job 🙂 )

Most of all we are loving the experiences we are having and meeting the most amazing people form all over the world some we travelled with for a few days, some we stayed with but they will all be friends.

Of course we are missing our girls, family and friends but we are loving living life having no regrets.

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6 thoughts on “150 Days On The Road

  1. Sounds like an awesome trip so far! Glad to see you’re hitting up the CouchSurfing! Such a fun way to meet local people.

    1. It definitely is the best way to travel although currently not getting many responses to my requests in Sweden and Denmark lol oh well time will tell.

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