Whistles and the power they hold in Kuala Lumpur

Today we were awoken with the call to prayer, being Friday it as a bit longer than normal. I actually find it quite calming but Ron does not appreciate it so much. We got up and wandered down to see what the ”free breakfast” comprised up and were pointed to a loaf of bread and some jam, tea coffee etc. I wasn’t too fussed and decided to wait till we were out to get something.

First stop today was our bus tickets to Lumut, we discovered the bus station was ten minutes walk away, this was more by accident than design. We booked out tickets and then found a local Indian place that served Roti Cenai (the breakfast of champions, roti with a curry sauce mmmmm) so I ad that and Ron ordered Pattaya Rice which was really nice too fried rice served wrapped in a very thin omelette surrounding it.

We then jumped a taxi to the Lake Gardens in the hope of doing a Segway tour and to go to the museum. On our way we passed a construction site, we had a chuckle as the supervisor was standing out the front pink plastic whistle in his hand directing a truck into the site and then as we passed a bit further were the awas signs and a dummy all dressed in safety gear waving a flag to get people to slow down. Why pay someone when you can have it automated.

We went through the museum first the area where that had some things on the traditional tribes of Malaysia and some of their traditional carvings and cultures. Then into the main museum it was really interesting having sections for a few eras of time from the Stone Age through to the Colonial times, they seemed to be constantly colonised throughout their history . It had lots of bits and pieces to look at and kept us occupied for over an hour.

Out into the sun we followed the signs sadly the Segways have moved and we followed instructions of the net but never managed to find them. It was so hot so we decided to just sit and enjoy the breeze near the lake. I am still amazed at how many tourists we see out in the midday sun no hats crazy…. We sat reading our books for about an hour then headed to Kuala Lumpur Central where we enjoyed lunch in the food hall. I had Pattaya Fried Rice after seeing Ron’s this morning and he had Kumpung Fried Rice both were very nice.

We then went on a very long trek around the station trying to get a map and eventually we struck gold and decided to go to Kuala Lumpur Central and check out the gardens and Petronis Towers. The trians tation goes through a shopping centre and it has all the big expensive names and a 2rm toilet, I was tempted to use it just so I knew what you got for your money. The other toilets in the centre we really clean so they must have gold seats or something similar.

Out into the gardens and it was lovely a big playground for children and a water play area too. Being so hot we decide to join the kids so shoes off and we found a nice spot to sit with our feet in the water and cool down. Suddenly the tranquility of laughing children was broken by a shrill whistle and we discovered the local pool security woman. Well she entertained us for nearly an hour, anytime anyone was having too much fun a whistle burst out, the best was yet to come when someone was innocently walking along the edge and crossed the no shoes section we were entertained by the whistle and some mad dance where she was standing on one leg pointing to her feet with her fan. We tried hard to get a photo but sadly none were really good but you will see one below that sort of shows her strange dance routine.

From here we wandered back into the shopping centre and enjoyed a froze yoghurt, it was self serve and you got to add whatever you like to it, fresh fruit, chocolate and a selection of other goodies almost a do it yourself Cold Rock. You pay by the weight and for $4 aus we got a huge one with a really good selection of fruit.

We then headed back to the hostel, the place is chaos at the moment as they are renovating, beds in the hallways rooms being painted till all hours but that said for $15 a night I would go back, you cant beat the location…although Ron is not convinced he is not keen on the Call to prayer and the train brakes but we will see when we return to Kuala Lumpur next.

We met a lovely young Japanese boy called Hiro who was travelling in his Uni break,iit was interesting to chat to him about his life and travels. He warm\ned us against the Indian place downstairs saying he felt he was ripped off paying 18rm for his dinner so we avoided there.

Time for dinner so we headed out to see what took our fancy, we had seen a claypot stall last night so decided that might be nice so enjoyed our last night in Kuala Lumpur amongst the locals dining on claypot chicken and stirfried vegies and it was delicious.

Home to pack as we need to leave the hostel at 8am.

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