Frank Sinatra returns to Lumut

Before I start the blog today I will explain the title when Ron was in the Navy he came to Lumut and was described as ANZCs Frank Sinatra so I thought today’s blog should be in honour of his return 🙂

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Up early and ready for our bus trip to Lumut. We said our goodbyes and headed out the door just before 8am. We decided to have another breakfast of champions Roti Cenai at the same place as yesterday and it didn’t disappoint. We had a chuckle as there was a car wandering around and the staff were trying to get it out. As we were leaving the man at the table next to us picked it up and I overheard him ordering Ayam for the cat, by the time we left the cat was on the table enjoying his chicken faithfully being broken up by his friend.


We headed off to the bus waiting area and weren’t really sur Eiffel they would call us or if we should go down to the platform so decided to go down and it was a good choice as everyone was loaded and ready. Lucky us we had the bad kids seat at the back not too bad we thought until we took off, the driver I am sure was playing some sort of game trying to bounce us out of our seats for the whole 3.5 hour trip. We waited until people got off and mover forward once we were able. While the children next tous managed to sleep really well we didn’t and it was too bouncy to read either.


On arrival in Lumut we weren’t sure if we would be allowed in our hotel yet as it was only 1.30pm so the plan was to drop off our baggage and then go for lunch. Lucky for us we could book in and we headed up to our room, got into our bathers and headed to the pool.


We discovered that the hotel had a High Tea so decided to treat ourselves for a whole $16.63 Aus we enjoyed an amazing array of food, from hot Asian rice and noodle dishes to sandwiches, quiches etc and then and endless supply of cakes, jellies and other treats……we felt like kings as we were the only people there so it was just a leisurely stroll up to choose what we wanted overlooking the pool.


From here back for another swim and a relaxing couple of hours swimming and reading. We then decided to go for a walk along the beach and as we wandered we came across another wedding couple having their photos taken, it was lovely seeing them in their traditional clothing.

We wandered up to the Navy base and all was good you until we discovered an ants nest and started getting bitten so it was time to walk back.we then wade along the waterfront and watched everyone enjoying their Saturday afternoon, This is a popular area for people from KL to come for the weekend as many base themselves here and head across to Pankor for the day.



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2 thoughts on “Frank Sinatra returns to Lumut

  1. I was on that Trip on ANZAC with Ron, he has a wonderful voice……….. Hope he remembers the Gunnery function that we had and the attire we all chose to wear, if he doesn’t recall I have the photos to jog his memory!!

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