Penang, Art, Food and Hungry Ghosts



We are loving being back in Penang, the food is awesome, the street art amazing and the bonus of the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Today we started our day with a swim, why have a pool and not make the most of it. We then headed to the local indian to enjoy a breakfast of champions of Roti Cennai and I have to say they excelled.

From here onto the bike and in to see the Optometrist, last time I was in Penang I had glasses made up and want to have a spare pair so when we are travelling I don’t have to worry….you never know when a monkey is going to pinch them lol. As always the service at Vision First was exceptional, a cold water while we wait, a wide choice of frames…lucky for me the young man found a pair that matched my hair a nice grey colour. He was trying to be so nice and all I could do was laugh.Ron had also decided to have some made up so mine trifocals that go dark in the sun and Ron’s normal single lenses cost a grand total of $859 mine are normally over that after I get the rebate so more than happy. They are very high tech as well, they have a computerised machine that tests your eyes for distance and then another for measuring how your eyes moves to make sure I can see through them in the right spots.We left with a lovely carrot cake which we enjoyed through the day along with being told they will be ready by Friday morning before we leave ( in oz I wait up to 6 weeks)
We then spent the morning in the shopping centre wandering up the many floors, looking at what was for sale, we were looking for a power bank to charge our phones and camera while we are on the move, our daughter Siobhan had lent us one and we have found it very handy. We found one that was the same price as she paid for hers but instead of it only charging once it does three charges and is lighter so we were very happy. We also added to our DVD collection with a few more DVDs.

Time for a break so we stopped at a local coffee shop for lunch, the food was really good and reasonably priced although a lot more expensive than the places we normally eat at.

Time to hit the road so we headed to get the bike and headed to to see the Thai and Burmese Buddhist temples, they we both stunning many statues and really calm even though they we on main roads.

The Thai one has a huge reclining Buddha including toenails with a  selection of smaller temples that had different gods in them/

We really enjoyed the Burmese Temple, the Buddhas seemed to have more gentle faces and it was very serene with lovely green gardens and pond scattered throughout

From here we headed of on a mad journey through Georgetown looking for some new street art, it was such fun zooming around the roads, enjoying the Hungry Ghost festivities (although it is not as full on as I expected with people burning piles of paper outside their houses to keep the ghosts at bay no operas or anything else sadly)

Following the map we then went on a mystery tour looking for all the street art. This has popped up everywhere since our last trip and  is an amazing with a mixture of wrought iron,  3 dimensional paintings and murals.

Sadly for me the painting I loved of an old man that we saw last time seems to be fading with time.

We also found an amazing abandoned building which it turns out was an old school.

After that we headed back for another swim and dinner….we are trying to work our way through the food map there are 29 specialities of Penang so far we have had 17 we were hoping to finish this trip but it is not looking good so we will have to come back to complete it.

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  1. Never too many photos Michele and Ron, have loved seeing the pictures of the places you have seen and all the temples and artwork ….. thanks for sharing

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