Paris to Prague

Today we are heading to Paris before heading to Prague by plane.
Our day started out with grubby rain on our ride from Rouen. The low cloud played havoc with the satnav and with toll roads deselected we seemed to be going round and round in circles. Eventually we got on the Toll road to Paris and started to get somewhere. Pretty soon we had our first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

Navigating to our way to our friends flat was pretty easy although the steep roads were really greasy and soon we were parking up opposite his building. We covered the bike and dragged our bags and wet gear upstairs, piling it outside his door.

Then it was off to the metro, well we turned left instead of right and with the rain steadily falling we decided to take a break in a cafe. Moussaka for lunch a very Parisienne meal then it was off to the metro, again.

Ah the Paris metro…. After spending so long in England using the ripoff London Tube it was great to be on a reasonably priced public transport system. At Villejuif we transferred to the tram which took us the rest of the way to Orley Airport. It was all so easy (Perth could learn a lot about airport transport). Check in was a breeze even though Ron was listed as Mrs Legge and pretty soon we were jetting out of Paris.

It was dark by the time we landed in Prague and using our instructions we purchased a bus ticket from the machine. The 119 bus took us to the train station where we caught the train towards town. We got off at Museuk and realised we were still short of our destination so caught the train again, however when we reached Museum station we had gone too far.

As it was getting late and we were still three kms away from the hotel we caught a taxi which was pretty reasonably priced. The staff at the Union Hotel were really friendly and helpful. We instantly fell in love with the little hotel with old style fittings which gave it a quaint charm.


After booking into our room we caught up with our friends Deb and Gerry, who we met all those miles ago in a museum in China. Since then we’d kept in touch and when they invited us to join them in Prague we jumped at the chance.

Not far away was a local bar so we headed off for a meal. We ordered the local potato pancakes and wow we should’ve just ordered one because they were huge. Even Ron couldn’t finish his. It was great catching up with Gerry and Deb and on the walk back to the hotel they pointed out different places they knew from when they lived in Czech Republic. Tomorrow after a much needed sleep we will get out and explore Prague.

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