Glory Cruise Halong Bay Vietnam


We did a two day/ one night cruise on Glory Cruise around Halong Bay in Vietnam

The cabins were well equipped with everything you would need including complimentary water. There are large windows so you can view the scenery from your bed if you want.

The beds were really comfortable and the room was well furnished.

The bathrooms had toothbrushes, shampoo, bath gel, soap, cotton buds, shower caps and a comb. The only down side was the shower did not drain very well so when you had a shower the whole bathroom area flooded.

The staff were fantastic, friendly, always there when you needed them. The food was very good and plentiful. My only warning would be the lunch was all seafood so when you are asked on the bus it might be worth saying you don’t eat seafood so you can get some chicken to add to the selection.

Be aware there are no complimentary drinks at all with the cruise not even tea and coffee with dinner so be very careful what you order. Non alcoholic drinks are more expensive than alcohol as they do not count in the happy hours. We spent $45 US just on coffee and a couple of lemonades at the prices are quite steep as well.

For more information on our cruise you can go here

We booked our cruise through Darian Culbert . We have used his company before to organise the Invitation Letter for our visa. We have found him very professional and thorough with all of our dealings.

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8 thoughts on “Glory Cruise Halong Bay Vietnam

  1. Oh those rooms look nice!
    We’ve gone for a 3days/2nights with the Emeraude and we loved those guys too but like you said: no complimentary drinks and they are not cheap on board so… we brought our own and they didn’t mind, I guess that’s the way to go!

    1. There sure are and it can be overwhelming trying to choose. Most are ok, probably just avoid the real budget ones they can have issues.

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