Exploring Hanover Germany

We really enjoyed our time in Hanover Germany, we had really nice couch-surfing hosts who as always gave us great tips of what to do. We enjoyed just walking around and seeing the city and it’s amazing buildings and learning about it’s history.

The lakeside is stunning with walking and bike tracks around it making it easy to get to town form most areas of the city.

Hanover’s link to the Gottingen Seven, a group of college professors, who in 1837 protested against changes to the constitution. Including the Grimm Brother they refused to swear an oath to the new king and were banished form the country. Their protests are said to bee the inspiration for the German Liberal Republic we see today.
Here is some more about them. Gottingen Seven

We also got to participate in a wedding tradition where the bride and groom are dressed by friends a taken to the city to sell things to pay for their hens/bucks night and do a series of tasks…like the girl in the penguin costume who had to collect the tags off men’s underwear 🙂

While Hanover may not be in everyone’s places to visit list, it’s history is interesting and that along with it’s lakeside walks and easy to get around city make sit well worth checking out.

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4 thoughts on “Exploring Hanover Germany

  1. A girl in a penguin costume tasked with stealing tag off men’s underwear – it certainly doesn’t get more low key than that. 🙂

  2. I knew my wife and I missed something from our wedding – that penguin-costumed girl was it! I’ve heard Hanover is a nice, quiet city and would love to experience it like you guys did.

    1. Apparently not a place where tourists go but we would recommend it plenty to keep you occupied for a few days and lots of people watching to be done.

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