128 days to go……

The last few weeks since we got home have flown and we have so much to do and with 128 days to go time is running out.

We celebrated our daughter’s 21st and had a huge weekend with family visiting.

We now have an official to do list which is huge but we have started ticking things off so that is always good.

We are currently painting (well Ron is 🙂 ), and organising everything for our first Garage Sale which is the last weekend of October. So one bedroom is full of things to sell , one is in the process of being painted and one is decorated and ready for couchsurfers.

Meanwhile I an furiously selling dvds and anything else I think I can sell off luckily I haven’t sold anything then realised I needed it but I am sure it will happen. We also banked our first lot of sales money $350 odd so we were impressed, already have more in the jar to add to it soon.

Our healthfund is sorted, HCF allow us to suspend our membership for two years and then we can write to them if we need longer. We also clarified how this impacts our loading (in Australia if you do not have Health Insurance after you turn 30 you have to pay higher rates) however it seems if you are overseas it does not impact this so no matter when we return we will still pay the lower rate. This was a relief.

I have also found someone finally at my bank who is going to look after our account meaning we can just email her and she will make sure we can access our funds. Such wonderful service 🙂

Today we purchased our travel insurance through World Nomads even managed to get a discount that saved us $82 so not complaining at all. We chose them as we do not have to return to Australia to renew it so it makes things a lot easier.

Tomorrow I am off to do a wordpress course to learn ways to actually operate this blog and I am also booked in to do a photography course in a couple of weeks so keeping busy 🙂




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2 thoughts on “128 days to go……

  1. Good luck with your first Garage Sale!! That sounds so exciting. I actually never participated in garage sales but it always seemed to be a lot of fun… and money at the end of the day :). Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

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