And off to Malaysia we go . . .

We have had this trip to Malaysia planned, well actually not planned. I am a meticulous planner, I can tell you all the ways you can get ripped off, where to go where to avoid in a town and always have a long list of places for us to visit hen we are somewhere, that said we don’t aim at visiting them all I just have a list. So this two week trip was a trial for us to see how I dealt with not having plans and being spontaneous.

Our Early Start to Malaysia

So after waking at 3am ( yes you did read that right) we were picked up by me dear friend Heather, who dropped us at the airport. We never have baggage and when you print of the boarding pass it says to go to the ‘Document Checking Counter’, I have flown Air Asia enough to know that Perth does not have one but I always go to the Service Desk and ask, they always print my new boarding pass and away I go. Today however there was a man buying a ticket and it took ages then she did suggest I should line up in the baggage drop off line but as I said to her why would I I have no baggage to drop off, and she agreed so printed off our boarding passes and before we knew it we were sitting having our coffee and enjoying breakfast waiting for the plane.

Plane was running a few minutes late but nothing to worry about. We sat next to a lovely lady Cristobal (interesting name for a lady older than me), Kuala Lumpur who had spent three months with her cousin in Perth. There was a fair bit of turbulence on the flight but me made it in one piece.

There was another flight arriving at the same time today so there was quite a line at customs and quarantine and 20 minutes after we landed we were heading towards the food court for some lunch before catching our bus to Melaka at 2pm. WEll that was the pan anyway we enjoyed our first Nasi Lemak got some supplies and sat and waited and waited and waited… by 240 we were starting to worry. One girl had been waiting already for 3 hours so a Thai lady behind us wandered off to see what was going on and in typical asian style nobody knew anything. They did suggest there may be a bus at 4pm but as we said well if that doesn’t turn up we will be really stuck……so five of us headed to find out our options which were a bus to KL then another to Melaka costing roughly 20MR each and about 4 hours or a taxi which we managed to negotiate down to 240RM.

The taxi driver was a scream he had signs all over the taxi saying metre only etc but was haggling.
so taxi is was, four of us piled in and off we went. This man just cracked me up he kept talking to me and of course I couldn’t understand a lot of it so was smiling and nodding, Ron laughing in the back seat. There was so much traffic on the road we were crawling along for over 100 kms.

The real fun started when we arrived in Melaka in Malaysia, he has a chinese sat nav whom we dubbed Ping, somehow he lost his glasses so couldn’t read where the hotel was the others were staying in. I am trying to input the address and it kept saying the street didn’t exist…..well I am assuming this is what it was saying. He then rings a friend and gets me to talk to him then gets directions we all see the hotel and go it is there!! and he replies no wrong one and off we go on a tour of Melaka, the traffic was horrendous, the thais were getting cranky and all I could do was laugh at Ping continually calling for us to do uturns in chinese. After an hour of driving around we were finally dropped off, said our goodbyes….cheeky buggar even tried for a tip when the metre read 145RM 🙂

The plan was to meet our couchsurfing host at 7pm but time was getting on so we decided to book a room for the night we were in a cafe and they had rooms, so we are staying at the Discovery Cafe and Guest House, let me start by saying it is very clean but a few odd things, no towels (we have towels so no drama)or top sheets just light blankets and we have just discovered the double bed int he room is broken, Ron sat down and it was groaning so he is now in the single bed.

Indian for dinner Ron with his banana leaf plate filled with goodies and me with a banana roti all for 21RM or $7 aussie dollars including drinks.

We have had an eventful but funny day and managed to keep laughing which can only be good.

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