Places to visit in Perth in 2021

If you’re planning to visit Perth this year, you’ll want to be sure you visit all the best Perth attractions. Plan ahead and discover enriching experiences with RedBalloon to make your trip to WA an unforgettable one. With so much to see and do, here are some thought-starters to inspire you.

Blue Boat House

The Blue Boat House on the end of a long, slim jetty on the Swan River. It is one of the most Instagrammable spots in Western Australia. The building is technically called the Crawley Edge Boat Shed and it was built back in the 1930s. The simple, picturesque design of the boathouse creates an aura of serenity. Even if you’re not one of the many people hash-tagging your pictures #BlueBoatHouse, it’s still a great sight to see while you’re in Perth.


Bather's Beach Fremantle

A port city in Western Australia just out of the Perth CBD, Fremantle is a great spot to visit in WA. In Fremantle, you can visit the Fremantle Prison—a historic prison that operated from 1855 to 1991. The prison is open to daytime, spooky night-time and intriguing underground tunnel tours through the labyrinth of tunnels built by the prisoners. The prison is a great snapshot of the past. If historic tours aren’t for you, the Fremantle Markets are one of Australia’s great places to enjoy delicious street food and live entertainment while you peruse the various stalls full of artisan goods and fresh produce. There’s plenty to do in Fremantle, it’s a must-see place to visit in Perth in 2020.

Swan Valley

One of the lesser-known Australian wine regions, the Swan Valley is a must-see location for wine lovers. Stay in the valley and discover some of the local wineries. Experience a cellar door tasting and maybe buy a few bottles to take home for a great memento of your Perth holiday. Wander around the vineyards and enjoy the stunning views as you relax with a glass of wine and a great meal. 

Perth Cultural Centre

Within the Perth Cultural Centre are the WA Museum, the State Library, the Art Gallery of WA, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Blue Room Theatre, and plenty more entertainment. If you love adding culture and art to your holidays, the cultural centre is a must-visit spot. Wander through the galleries, museum, and library or plan a trip to the theatre to see an exciting performance. The cultural centre is a vibrant centre of sustainable gardens, contemporary art, and a bustling food and drinks scene.

Whether you like to plan out your holidays to the minute or take every day as it comes (or somewhere in between) there’s plenty of amazing things to see and do in Perth.

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