Discover the Beauty of Nature’s Way

If you are staying in Darwin, you should definitely think about spending some time exploring Nature’s Way. This is a loop journey that covers a total of 735 kilometers. You start and end your trip in Darwin and you get to experience some incredible sights along the way.

If you’re going to hire a rental in Darwin, and find a vehicle that is suitable for the journey. Then you can head off to explore, and get to know some of the local wildlife along the way. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to see during your trip.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu Escarpment courtesy of Tourism NT

The first part of your journey takes you from Darwin to Kakadu National Park, along the Arnhem Highway. Allow yourself plenty of time to explore the park which is a World Heritage-listed site. You can spend time on the water and see some of the inhabitants, including crocodiles and native birds. You can also take time to enjoy viewing the Aboriginal rock art which is on view.

Overnight in Katherine

Edith Falls courtesy of Tourism NT

To give yourself time to truly explore the area, it’s worth making your way to the town of Katherine, where you can base yourself. It’s a small town but it’s perfectly located to allow you to get to some of the stunning parks and conservation areas that are close by.

While staying in the town, you can visit Nitmiluk National Park where you can see the gorges that have been carved out by the flow of the Katherine River. You can choose to view the gorges on foot, on the water, or by taking a helicopter flight overhead.

It’s also worth spending time in the town of Katherine itself. This is because it’s home to several art galleries that display the work of indigenous artists. You can purchase one of these works of art to take home with you if you wish to.

The last part of the journey

Florence Falls  Litchfield National Park
Florence Falls Courtesy Wikipedia Commons

After leaving the village of Katherine, you head to Litchfield National Park. Here, you can walk through the rainforest and gaze upon stunning waterfalls. You can also take time to stop for a swim in one of the watering holes. It’s a great way of feeling refreshed after your drive.

Once you have spent some time amidst the lush landscape, you can move on, and stop off at the Territory Wildlife Park. Here you have the opportunity to spot more crocodiles. You can also admire the many bird species that are present in the treetop aviaries. Once you have completed your time admiring the wildlife, it’s time to head back to Darwin and the end of your journey.

This is a trip that you can complete in a relatively short space of time, but you get to see some glorious scenery and wildlife along the way. You also get to spend time in the engaging city of Darwin, at the start and the end of your journey.

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