On the road to Dijon

The weather was absolutely freezing heading south from Troyes and getting on the road to Dijon. Our fingers soon were throbbing inside our gloves although it was midday. The temperature was predicted to be 6 degrees but the thermometer never made it above 3 degrees and when it’s cold 3 degrees make a big difference. A low fog sat over the landscape just confirming how cold it really was. Passing through the French countryside it seemed all the farmers were busy, with potatoes in huge mounds ready for collection, corn being harvested and fields being prepared for the winter crop. We didn’t fuel up before we left and as soon as we switched over to the reserve tank the stress levels started to rise. Every little town we passed through was either shut or a 24 hour card only self serve petrol station which has become more prevalent lately.

At Mussey-Sur-Seine we passed the local Renault dealership which had a set of petrol pumps but were closed for lunch so we decided that we’d find a restaurant to have lunch at and wait until they returned. Mussey was dead as a donger as we rode through it, but a little creperie with four blokes sitting around a table drinking caught our eye so we doubled back. The host was a friendly bloke who was excited to see a pair of Australian motorcyclists in his humble creperie. As we warmed our hands on a cup of coffee he suggested a pair of crepes for us to share, bringing out one at a time. It was one of those surreal experiences where as the locals entered the creperie they’d greet us and then the owner would tell them where we were from.

The creperie was pretty simple and the table full of blokes could’ve chain smoked for France but it was a great experience. After lunch using really bad French we explained to him and his mate about our travels. They were really impressed. As we left the owner had to come out to check out the Princess and wish us “Bon Journey”.It was one of those special moments we seem to find in the small country towns.


After refuelling we headed on and came across a monument to the Free French Army who were part of the liberation forces to liberate this part of the country.

As we got closer to Dijon the weather got decidedly colder and a light misty rain started to fall. This area would be absolutely stunning in summer but today it’s hard to focus on the beauty of the landscape because its so cold. Finding the accommodation wasn’t too hard and soon we were in a nice warm dry room. Tomorrow we have a walking tour booked with Greeters so hopefully the weather is a little better.


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