Letting go

The last few months have been full on selling and giving away our things. Letting go is always challenging but an essential part of the journey we need to do.

We do have the advantage that our eldest daughter is renting the house from us but we have been quite ruthless. That said it has been an interesting journey deciding what to keep and what to get rid of and we think we have done quite well as we only  have 6, 50 litre boxes.

Some of the harder things to deal with have been unexpected, our daughters have all left home  a few years ago but we have never painted their rooms so they remained the colours they had chosen. Their beds were still there and were more often than not being slept in by couch surfers from all over the world.  However our departure meant the rooms needed to be cleared and painted, most of it was easy but our middle daughter is a budding artist and had used the back of her door  as a practice for an assignment when she was still at school. After  much discussion we decided we could not paint over it, if our daughter moves out we will get someone to put some plywood over it but it will always remain.

Ron’s biggest withdrawal is from the ‘piglet’ as it is his first motorcycle there will always be an attachment to it. He spent his last few days going on  rides out and about enjoying the freedom. on Tuesday the Piglet went to it’s new owner


The hardest thing to do when leaving for such a long time is to say ‘see you later’ to all our family and friends, but our experience from being a defence family and having couch surfers is we never say goodbye. It is always see you later as we know our paths will cross again 🙂 We are also well aware with the benefits of technology, Facebook, Skype,  emails and of course this blog we will always have a variety of ways to keep in touch. This said it has not made it any easier.


It has been a stressful week with my mum ending up in hospital and needing surgery before she returned to the UK., thankfully all went well and she is now leaving on Monday one hour before we do.

We  had a wonderful day on Saturday where we had or friends and family drop in, sadly for us it was 44 degrees C on that day so many were unable to ēcome. Our friend Natasha made us this amazing cake, not only did it look good but also tasted amazing,

Sunday was our packing day and we intended being at home finalising everything but ended up having an impromptu lunch with the extended family. The hardest part will be the airport goodbyes tomorrow and we will be on our way.



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8 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. Bless you Michele & Ron. I’m going to miss you. Indigo & I will be following your adventures! Stay safe and I will have a welcome home cake ready for you on your return xxxc

  2. Best of luck Legges. Can’t believe it is upon us….and so the great journey begins.

  3. Actually it was my second bike you forgot the Kawazaki Z250 I had in Mebourne

  4. I imagine one day I might live the same experience as you did. It’s not easy to say goodbye for a long time but we’re lucky to have all those new technologies like Facebook, Skype etc. to keep in touch with our friends and family.

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