We Feel Like Human Pincushions After Our Travel Doctor


Today we had our visit to the Travel Doctor, the plan was to find out what vaccinations we would need…the result we needed to start today as we have less than six months to go so the result …. Michele 7 and Ron 6.

We then have to line up again in a week for more then another lot a month later. We also have to go back just before we leave for a Cholera one.

We were really impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the doctor. He didn’t bat an eyelid when we told him we had no real plans. He worked his way around the likely places and gave us the list and explained them all with possible side effects. We did decide not to bother with Yellow Fever as if we end up going to one of the countries we will get that one on the road.

Definites from the Travel Doctor:

Hepatitis A (Ron didn’t need this)

Hepatitis B ( 3 shots over 6 months)

Diphtheria/Tetnas/Polio/ Whooping Cough

Highly Recommended:



Japanese Encephalitis ( shots over 2 months)

Rabies (2 shots in total over 2 weeks)

Total cost for today’s visit : $1082… thank goodness for our Youth Hostel Membership we saved $162.05 almost paid for one membership 🙂

While this seems a lot of money if is much cheaper than being somewhere out on the road far from medical treatment and be infected with one of them.

If you are planning to travel and are not sure of what you will need check out the travel doctor

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2 thoughts on “We Feel Like Human Pincushions After Our Travel Doctor

  1. Oh my! And THAT’s why we got our vaccinations in Thailand! It was a bit of a pain to have to go back 3 times in month but it was about $700 total for the 5 of us! Compared to about $3000 in Australia!

    1. Thanks for popping in Tracey and had I found your blog earlier we would have been having our vaccinations there too lol. I found your post a few days too late…. The bonus is it is over and done with and we have had no reactions 🙂

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