Cruising on a Saturday afternoon

One of the wonderful things about being on holidays is spending an afternoon cruising on local waterways….enjoying the sun and taking in the scenery

After my early night I still managed to sleep in till nearly 9, we headed down for a swim which was a refreshing way to start the day. We then got ready and Robert dropped us into town.

We wandered along the river and found a little cafe for breakfast , the view was lovely the food not so but you get that some days.

While we were sitting there lots of boats were going past so we decided to walk down and go for a cruise along the river. We managed to get front row seats and really enjoyed the 45 minutes, seeing how they have done the riverside up with a 9km walkway that the locals use. Lots of beautiful plants and seem nice places to see. Sadly they do not do a hop on hop off ferry so you can’t get off and enjoy the sights.

We headed back then decided to go to the Baba and Nonya Museum but when we arrived were told the tour was full and to come back at 2pm. So we headed back to Discovery Cafe for a cool drink and to decide what to do after here…after looking at the cost of stinging in Singapore we decided to stay in Jahor Baru, we can get a room for half the price and it is only $7 rm for a bus to go there for the day. So we have booked our bus ticket and accommodation and leave on Monday.

We then headed back towards the museum but got distracted with the chance to try another local delicacy of Chicken and Rice Balls. It is exactly as it says rice rolled into balls( what a job that would be) and steamed chicken, it was served with chilli sambal and thick soy sauce. While it was ok we won’t be rushing back for more.

By the time we got to museum it was 2.30 and as the tours are 45 minutes we assumed another would be going soon but it wasn’t till 315 so we headed back to another museum about this amazing Chinese man called Cheng Ho, he was basically an ambassador who traveled around in the 1400s building friendships with other countries . He used Melaka as a port for all his trips so had a warehouse where he stored many trading goods for his voyages.his flotilla must have been spectacular with over 1000 huge wooden ships, filled with treasures, food and artillery. The museum was really interesting and well presented with lots of Ming Dynasty earthenware.

From here time for another break and a cool drink so back to the Discovery, there were a few nice spots along the river but we were on the wrong side so tomorrow we might try one of them. While we were there we enjoyed some Pineapple Tarts tiny little things with pineapple jam.

We then headed back to do another cruise this time with all the lights on, they only cost 15 rms each so good value. While the cruise took the same route it looked completely different with all the walkways and buildings lit up. There was also a beautiful breeze so a nice way to end the day.

We then headed up Jonker Road, I am not sure what I was expecting but it was just a thriving mass of bodies, noddy could get out of the way and really hot, we decided to leave at the first corner and find somewhere quiet for dinner. We eventually found a place that served Portuguese / Malaccan food and it was divine. We enjoyed Portuguese noodles cooked in sambal so just spiced enough for me, calamari fried in spices and veggies. While it was expensive for Malay terms we didn’t mind paying the $65 rm with drinks which is just over $20 Aus with drinks.

Time to head home and we managed to get a taxi, we have no address but we managed to explain how to get here and now we are enjoying watching Malaysia playing Spanish Rial in the Soccer…go Malaysia.

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