A Lazy Melaka Sunday

A slow start this morning making it a lazy Melaka Sunday. We were enjoying learning a bit more about soccer from Robert. Sadly we have been unable to convince him about the wonder of AFL

We then headed into town and decided to have another Indian breakfast of Roti Canai Egg Dosaand of course Banana Roti. While we w ere there a couple of travellers sat down and we enjoyed listening about their travels in India, they are heading up to Vietnam the same way we are next year so look forward to reading their blog and getting some tips.

From there we decided to pick up our bus tickets for Johor Baru then walk along the river. We wanted to get away from the crowds so the plan was to walk and take regular breaks to enjoy the day. We had a wonderful time chatting to people along the way, we met some lovely families. One even invited us to come and stay with them in Surabaya after meeting us for five minutes, gave us their contact details so one day we may even do that. We had many laughs and lots of photos along with waves from the people on cruising boats going past.

We stopped and enjoyed lunch at a local food hall enjoying some sort of noodles and fresh lemon drink.

Walking again along the other side of the river on a boardwalk, through mangroves and chatting to the locals as we went, a man kept saying no entrance and didn’t know what he meant until we got to a dead end and had to back track about a kilometre. From her we diverted back through China town where of course I had my first tumble…and of course I was wearing white pants oh well not any more lol no real damage down.

Time for a break and we walked past a few cafes, I had spotted one yesterday which had cane chairs and I was thinking it would be the perfect place to sit and read for a while. Sadly there was no room and we found another where a lady was calling to us ‘ hello, take. Eat very nice we have food a d drinks.’ S we sat down to discover how limited her extensive menu was , out of the five choices of food on the menu none were available only chicken curry lol. Ron wanted a cup of tea no none left so only Chinese tea, white coffee iced only, lemonade and iced lemon tea. So we managed to get spring rolls, Chinese tea and lemonade which was homemade and really nice and refreshing. I must have looked like the lemonade was so good as suddenly we had another appear on our bill and on the table so Ron got to enjoy one too. We sat there for over an hour reading, waving to the boats and cracking up with the lady inviting people to sit ‘ we have beer, drinks and food Chicken Curry’ no one ordered the curry while we were there.

Time to get moving again this time we walked back up towards Jonker Street so peaceful now the weekend tourists have headed home. Visited the oldest Chinese temple then walked past a heap of food stalls being set up so decided to sit with the locals and have some dinner..fried egg oysters, fried carrot cake. ( no not like ours from home sort if rice cubes cooked with bean sprouts and egg) laksa and lemon and sour plum drink. Wonderful food and all for 20rm about $6 Aus you just can’t complain.

We then decided to get a taxi home, go for a swim and get organised as we are heading of tomorrow morning to Johor Baru.




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2 thoughts on “A Lazy Melaka Sunday

  1. We loved Melaka and its relaxing atmosphere. We took a walk many times on the riverside and enjoyed the great food there!

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