Meandering Around San Remo

It’s been lovely staying at Albergo Malibu Hotel over the last few days. The Italian breakfasts are quite different to what we are used to. Sweet croissants filled with apricot, or strawberry conserve, tostada, and biscuits. It’s quite an interesting change. We’ve also been enjoying omelettes which are light and crepe like. There are tougher ways to spend a few days whilst waiting for the bike shop to open.
After discovering serious cracking in the top box bracket when we arrived at San Remo on Saturday, we booked an extra few days at the hotel. The idea was to try and source the part from a local Honda shop in San Remo. It also gave us a few days to chill in San Remo and check out the city.

San Remo

Walking around the city we soon discovered lots of Christmas decorations. We also discovered lots of flower boxes filled with some of the biggest red and also white cyclamen we’ve ever seen. Walking around the pedestrian area of the centre of the city.

It’s much quieter than when we arrived on Saturday night. In the centre of the pedestrian mall near Teatro Ariston, bronze plaques record the names of the winners of the local song contest. San Remo’s Music Festival has been running since 1951 and is so popular it’s televised. There are two sections with twenty artists in the big names section and eight in the newcomers. The winner of the competition also competes to represent Italy at the European Song Contest . All the songs are in Italian and some of the titles on the plaques reveal the traits which Italians are famous for, love and family.

Around the main pedestrian mall lanes lead into the older sections where Ligurian architecture is quite obvious. In the older medieval houses arches across alleyways act as support between buildings keeping everything up straight.
There’s not too much to do in San Remo but eat and enjoy the sun.

San Remo Italy

It is the perfect place to just wander around, beachside walks, a bit of window shopping, then when it gets dark it’s time to eat and enjoy the night. It’s a real chilled out place just a great place to relax.
On early Monday morning I headed out to find the Honda shop closed. I was to discover another local tradition. Nobody opens early on Mondays because they’ve probably been open late during the week or open on saturday.

Instead shops open after lunch. It was pretty frustrating so in the meantime I searched for a shop where they would weld the bracket for me. I found a small mechanical workshop where the mechanic put the bracket on the floor and gave it a couple of zaps with the mig welder. The bloke was a complete cowboy and didn’t even straighten the bracket so when he handed it back it looked like a complete dogs breakfast. But as he didn’t charge me one single brass razoo I couldn’t complain.

Later in the day the Honda shop finally opened and gave me the bad news the replacement bracket would take a week to come from Belgium. It was fun trying to talk to the bloke who didn’t speak one single word of English. Strangely however I could understand what he was saying. It must be the Spanish I was learning.
I reassembled the old bracket and fitted it to the bike. It looked pretty dodgy and I have no faith that the welds will hold but fingers crossed I can get a replacement part in a bigger city. Tomorrow we head to Torino and then after that on to Milan so we should be able to source a part.

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    1. We are desperately trying to find a replacement part but everywhere seems to give us the run around hopefully this week it will be sorted. San Remo was perfect to chill,

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