Last Day at Skagen

After the big night last night we were just dead when we dragged ourselves out of bed. Michele was feeling really tired, so stayed in bed a little longer eventually emerging a few hours later when hunger took over.

We headed for the little beach village of Skiveren for breakfast but surprisingly the cafe was closed. The only choice was Skagen so we opened the throttle and headed into town. The countryside was beautiful with forests of pine, fields of potatoes, wheat, corn, canola, and grass. Pretty soon Michele was furiously banging on my helmet to signal me to stop, the corners combined with the speed were too much on an empty stomach.

After a break we resumed our trip, but this time a little slower. The wharf was packed with restaurants and cafe’s selling all sorts of fish meals but Michele wasn’t up for it so we found a nice little cafe and ordered bacon and eggs.

Our first band for the day was an Australian band called the Fiddlers Feast who played mainly instrumentals. It was good music but some of the Australian humour was lost on the crowds.

P1200821 (2)
P1200834 (2)

Càirdeas were playing at a flash hotel in another part of Skagen so we took a trip out there but didn’t hang around very long as the atmosphere was pretty bad. A heap of fat cats busily chatting and devouring seafood platters whilst the three Scotsmen played unplugged in the corner of the outdoor area.

Michele wasn’t feeling well so we went back to the cabin where she remained for the rest of the day. I returned to Skagen later in the day and caught Toby again, this time at the smaller marquee where she was absolutely slaying the crowd from beginning of her show to the very end. By the end of the show the area in front of the stage was absolutely packed with people dancing and having a good time. The line up for CDs was huge and it was a good reward as she’d really put her heart and soul into her shows. I waited until she’d finished signing cd’s and asked for a picture and was amazed she remembered our names from yesterday when we’d said hi at her other show.

P1200852 (2)

I grabbed some groceries and headed home to see how Michele was but she was a shot duck. We would’ve liked to catch a few more bands as we still hadn’t seen The Kilkennys, Beggars Row, LoMsk, Coast, Scrum and a few other bands.

We had plans to catch Càirdeas at a late show but in the end decided maybe to catch them in Scotland. So that was it for us for Skagen there were only a few acts on Sunday and we decided to up stumps and head south. Tomorrow we’re off to Struer.

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