Zadar to Split, Croatia.

Last nights wind storm huffed and puffed all night until it eventually blew itself out so this morning we woke up to clear skies. It was just perfect walking along the shore in front of the apartment looking across towards Ugljan Island. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any cafe’s open so the lack of coffee became the impetuous for us to hit the road.

In December  we stayed in Zadar and headed to Split, so navigating through the city and back out again was a breeze. Heading south the thermometer kept slowly dropping. I was glad that I decided to wear all my gear including spare jumper and wet weather gear because it was pretty nippy.

P1030679 (2)-002
Taken on a sunny day….it was grey this time

Our favourite cafe in Sveti Filip I Jakov was our first destination. It gave us a chance to warm up with a coffee and Michele to get her boot covers on. I had already put a plastic bag in each foot as precaution for the rain.
As soon as we hit the road it started chucking it down. I had hoped to stop and get some photos but the weather was just too wet and windy.

Time to just concentrate on the road and just ride.

About twenty kilometres out of Primosten we hit the reserve tank so we decided to stop for lunch after filling up at the service station. Near the servo was Pekara where we bought some pizza and right next door a cafe. One of the things about Croatia you can bring your own food to cafe’s as long as you buy a drink everyone’s happy.

The rain started again when we left Primosten and dogged us all the way into Split. Tonight’s apartment is on the northern side of the Riva amongst the old city. Surprisingly it was quite easy to find amongst the narrow streets. We were really impressed with the apartment. It had a great layout, separate bedroom, lounge and kitchen. The owner organised our laundry and even left us a phone. This combined with a two minute walk from the Riva it’s perfect for a week in Split.

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