Top 8 Amazing Road Trips In India That You Must Explore Once In Your Life

Guest post by Seema Gurnani from Pandareviewz

Here are my top 8 amazing road trips in India that you must explore once in your lifetime.

For any riding or driving enthusiast, a road trip is the best way to explore the untouched corners of India. A dream road trip is always something that everyone dreams of taking once in a lifetime. If you are one of the people planning a road trip but not sure which one has the best payoff? Here are some of the most popular road trails based in India.

These trails are highly popular among road-trip enthusiasts who have covered every kind of terrain the country is famous for. These road trips vary from landscape to landscape. From desert to evergreen forests, mountains to coasts, mud roads to six-lane highways you can experience everything while driving with your loved ones.


1.Manali to Leh Highway:

Manali India
Photo by Kishan Upadhyay on Unsplash

Manali Leh highway spans a length of 479 km with a mean altitude in that rises upto 5000 feet above sea level. The beauty of this road trip is simply out of the world. The feeling is so lovely that it cannot be captured in words. Wouldn’t it be fun to cruise along that road in all its snowy glory on an open jeep or a Bullet? The road is open for about 5 months a year mostly during summers and mid-October.


2.Mumbai Pune Expressway:

The picturesque surroundings of Mumbai Pune expressway is known for its lush green foliage are great with scenic views. The expressway is 93 km long and is frequently used by people of Mumbai and Pune to visit Lonavala during the monsoons. This road trip further dwells to Goa that makes the entire experience absolutely unforgettable. it comes in top 8 amazing road trips in India.



3.Guwahati to Tawang:

This road trip passes through some of the most picturesque destination of the North East. This is one of the most challenging road trips in India which is spread across an extremely beautiful terrain. The best part of this road trip is passing through the snowy Sela Pass at an altitude of 13700 feet that arrives just before you enter Tawang.


4.Srinagar Leh Highway:

Sringar Leh highway is a part of NH1-D. It is one of two important roads that connect Ladakh with the rest of India. This 422 km long highway is best accessible during early June to mid-November. You pass through the snowy valleys of Sonmarg, the treacherous roads of Kargil and Photu La and finally enter Ladakh where you can see monasteries, landscapes and mountains that are capable of making this a trip of a lifetime. it comes in top 8 amazing road trips in India.


5.Guwahati to Sohra:

Assam Tea Estate

The road trip from Guwahati to Sohra passes through the tea estates of Assam and finally enters the hills of Meghalaya. En route you pass through breathtaking views of grasslands, waterfalls, and rain forests. The best part of this road trip is the way landscape changes as you cross a state from another. Meghalaya is known for its wetlands, the scenic farms and clear views of Bangladesh from distant places. For anyone looking to explore some of the best-kept nature’s secrets, this road trip is the perfect place to start.

6.Chennai to Pondicherry via ECR:

Chennai India Men with red nets
Photo by sarathy selvamani on Unsplash

Traveling from Chennai to Pondicherry takes around 3 hours through a distance of 160 kilometres. This is one of the most beautiful roads that is a favourite between Enfielders. There are regular buses plying between Chennai and Pondicherry which is also a memorable experience. The road passes through sea on one side of the road. The costal line travels with you all the way to Pondicherry and is a sight to behold as the day grows. The changing reflections of the Sun on the water is something that one can experience in the most unique ways. it comes in top 8 amazing road trips in India.


7.Bangalore to Ooty via Bandipur forest:

Bangalore to Ooty road passes through the beautiful Bandipur forest where one can often spot deer and elephants nonchalantly crossing the road. Bandipur forest also changes into the scenic Madhumalai Sanctuary upon arriving in Tamilnadu. You can also take a stop at Mysore and spend a few hours exploring the local tourist spots. it comes in top 8 amazing road trips in India.


8.Delhi to Agra:

The six lane Yamuna Expressway that travel all the way from Delhi NCR to Agra is the closest thing India has for the lovers of road trip. It’s one of the best roads to test the maximum speed of your vehicle. While travelling you can also take diversions to Mathura and Vrindavan for add a few more places in your already seen list and it comes in top 8 amazing road trips in India.

Are you someone who loves driving and goes on a long road trip everytime they are bored of regular city chaos? Then these road trips are the perfect places where you can explore and learn how beautiful this country is.


Guest post by Seema Gurnani from Pandareviewz

My name is Seema, but I’m also known as a Panda (Its obvious I love pandas as much as I love Food and Travel :). I love discovering and exploring new places, things and anything interesting and sharing my personal experiences with everyone


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