Tivat, Montenegro

Well after a long lay in this morning we were just heading out the door to head to Tivat, Montenegro when we received a message. It was a message from Svetlana informing us that the Bleak and Wine Festival at Virpazar has been postponed due to the weather forecast. The news was pretty devastating, as we were really looking forward to the local festival. We’d also searched for accommodation in the town and laughed when we started reading reviews.

It was hilarious reading about the guy who’d come up to us bold as brass offering a hotel and a tour of Lake Skadar. The review listed his crimes such as badgering people into taking a lake tour and then ripping them off, obviously we did not book that one.

We headed into the old city to have some lunch and to catch up with Svetlana, who’s become our unofficial tour director of Montenegro. She’s been suggesting places to visit and is putting together a list of things to do when we come back. She reckons the north of Montenegro is much better than the south. Well the north must be excellent as we really love the south.

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We headed around the Bay of Kotor, past our apartment in Muo to Tivat. The ride around the Bay of Kotor is just magnificent. The massive body of water is surrounded by little villages of Venetian style buildings which line the shore and are backdropped by massive dark mountains. Across the bay there are great views to the two islands side by side which house the Orthodox Church of Gospe od Škrpjela and the Catholic Sveti Dordje.

Tivat Montenegro
At Tivat, Montenegro we saw the sign to the centre and Porto Montenegro where we parked up. We headed towards Porto Montenegro, a modern marina full of luxury super-yachts and ultra modern apartment buildings with hints of Venetian style about it. A real mix of old and new, which was quite stunning. Walking around the marina was nice with lovely palm trees along the shoreline, beautiful gardens and seasonal flowers. Around the apartments were lots of cafe’s with people sitting out enjoying the sun and in the ground floor of the apartments high end brand name shops.

Tivat Montenegro
Nearby to the marina was the Tivat Riva, which was almost overflowing with locals enjoying coffee at a reduced price to Porto Montenegro. The Riva is quite nice and simple with palm trees, cafe’s and of course people promenading.


Tivat Montenegro

We’d been talking about Brussels, in Belgium earlier in the day so as soon as we saw waffles with banana and icecream on the dessert menu we just had to order it. Brussels, in our opinion has the best waffles we’ve tasted anywhere in the world and after these waffles it still retains its unofficial title.


Apart from that the Tivat Riva and Porto Montenegro area is just wonderful to have a coffee, enjoy a little sun and enjoy a drink as the sun sinks behind the hills. As the last rays of the sun disappeared behind the hills we headed back to Muo.

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  1. Great trip guys. You did the right thing by choosing Montenegro. Kotor Bay I visited in September and received delightful emotions from the trip. I liked Tivat, Kotor, Perast – ancient towns on the shore of a beautiful bay.

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