Brompton Cemetery, London

United Kingdom and Ireland’s Interesting Cemeteries

Here are a few on the many interesting cemeteries in the United Kingdom and Ireland…. Interesting English Cemeteries Brompton Cemetery – London, UK Teresa from Brogan Abroad  Brompton Cemetery in London is one of those quintessentially Victorian cemeteries that you … read more


Going Bush Mongolian Style

Up early in readiness for an 8 o’clock pick up as were going bush Mongolian style. We were met by Galaa our English speaking guide and Jara our driver. We were picked up in a ex Russian military UAZ 452 … read more


Fairbridge Festival

Fairbridge Festival – A Weekend To Remember

  When we were in Denmark we discovered a band we really wanted to see was playing at Skagen Folk Festival so decided to detour and go there. We had an amazing time and remembered then that on our back … read more


Balloons Cappadocia

Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia With Butterfly Balloons

Seeing pictures of Hot Air Balloons over Cappadocia made us add this to our bucket list a long time ago and this morning we finally got to experience it. After an exhaustive online search of companies we settled on Butterfly … read more


Rizzi Building Braunschweig

Braunschweig to Bremen, Germany

After a few days catching up with Sabrina in Braunschweig once again it was time to hit the road. With a new rear tyre the bike felt much better on the cobbled streets as we headed out of the city. … read more


What You (Probably) Don’t Know About Travel Insurance

  Travel insurance is perhaps one of the most unexciting parts of planning a trip, especially if you’re planning multiple stops around the world and there’s accommodation, food and activities to think about. But the benefits of having travel insurance … read more