Many of you have heard about Couch-Surfing as a way to get free accommodation while you travel , I am here to dispel that myth 🙂 We have been active participants in couch-surfing for 3 years now hosting over 150 surfers from all over the world, we have also had the pleasure of being hosted in a variety of countries and while many travelers start out thinking it is free accommodation they soon realise it is so much more Surfing is where you stay with someone in their home. It may be on a couch or a bed or even on a mat on the floor and for this you do not pay any money. It is about accepting what someone has to offer and not judging.

While this does not cost you money it will give you an opportunity to learn something about life in your host’s country and they will also learn from you. Every host is different, for me I like to share meals with my surfers. We all take turns cooking dinner and enjoy a social evening together playing cards or chatting, we also take our surfers out to look around if we have time …..others may just give you a bed and expect you to sort your own meals so it is best to check them out and if in doubt ask how they work.

Being a host is very rewarding and it gives you the chance to meet travelers and learn about other cultures without leaving your home. We really enjoy hosting surfers, we have meet an amazing array of travelers of  all ages from all corners of the globe. It is a better way to spend your life than watching TV every night believe me 🙂 If you can’t currently host or surf you can always meet travelers in your home town/city…. either one on one or at a meet up where lots of travelers get together. You are able to leave references for the people you connect with and this gives your prospective host/surfer the chance to see the type of person you are.

Learn more about couch-surfing in this video

Go to couch-surfing and have a look around at the interesting people who are part of the network.

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