Guesthouses, Hostels and Hotels


On our travels as we are legging it we will stay in all types of accommodation including guesthouses, hostels and hotels. We aim to spend around $30 Aus a night sometimes it is a bit more in some countries. Our most expensive so far was a dingy hostel in Sweden where we were stung for $140 a night for a very average room with a shared bathroom and shower.

When we feel like a more personal experience or staying in an apartment we use Airbnb. If you would like a $25 credit to try them out please send us an email and we will send you a code. We have also used this site a couple of times to get apartments for a month, like the one at La Barossa in Spain that cost us $19 a night.

We review all of our accommodation on Tripadvisor our user name is Michele_6169 so you can see what we think there.

If you are interested in a particular place we have been please message us and we can let you know where we stayed and if we recommend it.

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