Interesting Cemeteries Part 12

St. Peter’s Church Cemetery, Tewin England


In a small church in Herfordshire England lies the grave of Lady Ann Grimston. Buried 200 years ago, her tomb attracts visitors from all over the world  to see the tomb with a huge tree growing over it.  While it makes a spectacular site the story behind it is even more interesting.

Lady Ann lived her  life to the fullest, being rich she had a large house, a large social circle and beautiful clothing. While many of this era were religious believing   in the afterlife she thought her current life was all there was, once you died that was it.

She is quoted as saying “I shall not continue to live. It is as unlikely that I shall continue to live as that a tree will grow out of my body.” She even challenged God, saying “If, indeed, there is life hereafter, trees will render asunder my tomb.”

It seems God accepted the challenge, over the years a tree has grown out of her tomb, one tree with four trunks. One has even taken over the original metal railings surrounding her tomb which is now broken pieces of marble.


The Village Cemetery, St Paul de Vence France


Jennifer from Our Family Travel Adventures
Just up the road from the beaches of Cannes and Antibes stands St Paul de Vence, a medieval walled city on a hill, with gorgeous views of the surrounding countryside. Founded in 1388, St Paul de Vence developed into a retreat for artists in the 20th century. The village graveyard surrounds the 16th century Church of St. Michel. The artist Marc Chagall lived in the village for 20 years and featured it in many of his later paintings. You can visit his tomb, where he is buried with his wife. It’s a simple slab tomb, somewhat near the front and center. The cemetery is beautiful, with amazing views, flowers and walking paths.


Rochester Cathedral, Rochester England



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The lovely small town of Rochester has one of the most beautiful and peaceful Gothic Cathedrals I’ve seen. In front of it, there is a little cemetery. It might not impress people passing by but there’s an interesting story about Charles Dickens related to this place. No, he’s not buried here but it was indeed his last wish. Rochester was Dickens’ favourite place and inspired many of his novels, characters and landscapes. He specifically asked to be buried in the cathedral’s cemetery but the clergy at that time insisted that the author has to be buried in the Poets’ corner in Westminster Abbey’s. Today there is a memorial of Dickens and his death wish on one of the walls of the Rochester Cathedral.

Okunoin, Japan


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Okunoin is the most popular graveyard in Japan. In fact, there are currently over 200,00 graves there – and counting! This is because of the legend that surround this magical place. Followers of Esoteric Buddhism believe that Kobo Daishi (who founded this strain of the religion), entered a cave here to meditate in 835AD. He is still there today, as his meditative state held back death. When Kobo Daishi finally decides to travel up to heaven, he will take all those souls that are waiting in Okunoin with him.

Walking around here is an incredible experience, during the day, and at night. The rows upon rows of ancient graves are amazing to discover. Following the audio tour round you learn about all the famous names from Japanese history – including the warlord Oda Nobunaga!

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