Interesting Cemeteries Part 10

As we travel we love visiting cemeteries,  they give a fascinating insight into both the culture and history of an area. This is what peaked our interest in finding out about more interesting cemeteries around the world so here is part 10 of our ongoing series…

Highgate Cemetery London

Highgate Cemetery London


Highgate Cemetery is a leftover from Victorian times and one of the first ‘commercial’ cemeteries in London. The East Cemetery has a large number of famous burials including Karl Marx and Malcolm McClaren, this can be visited for  and you can explore by yourself. The West Side can only be visited by tour, it is overgrown and has the most amazing array of Victorian sculptured headstones. Featuring an Egyptian Avenue and a series of terraced catacombs it is well worth the £12 fee for the tour, this also includes free entry into the East Cemetery.


Hanging Coffins, Sagada Philippines

Sagada Hanging Coffins

Will from The Broke Backpacker

The hanging coffins of Sagada are a truly remarkable feat of human willpower – within the jungle clad peaks of the stunning Echo Valley, hundreds of wooden coffins watch from the impossibly sheer rock faces as hikers stare in wonder from below. For centuries, the tribes of Sagada have honoured their dead by placing them in the foetal position within stout coffins and then climbing the many jagged limestone peaks and hoisting the coffins up using bamboo scaffolding and rattan ropes; it’s hard to think of a cemetery anywhere in the world with a view quite like this….

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans USA

St Louis #1 Cemetery


Linda from Retired and Travelling 

There are a lot of very old cemeteries in New Orleans but the oldest is the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. To protect the graves from rising waters, is a typical above ground crypt cemetery. If you take a tour of the cemetery you will walk back through time and learn about the history of New Orleans. A tour will provide you with stories about the renowned Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau, show you the mass graves of soldiers or provide a glimpse of Nicolas Cage’s pyramid-shaped tomb. While much of the cemetery is crumbling, the history is still alive.

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, New York USA

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
Gate to the Irving Family Gravesite

Irene from More Time to Travel

Many people visit Sleepy Hollow, New York (Westchester County) to track down the ghost of Washington Irving’s Headless Horseman, said to haunt the Old Dutch Cemetery (built circa 1685). However, If you don’t believe in ghosts, you can see the famous author’s actual tombstone in his family burial plot in adjacent Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Tourists come from all over the world to pay their respects to the man who is said to have been the first American author to support himself professionally as a writer.


The series begins here, if you have any interesting cemeteries to add to our collection please send us an email as we are always looking to expand our series ….

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