Annevoie Gardens

During our stay in Namur we visited Annevoie Gardens which are part of the estate which is now open to the public. Some of the ride was through hills and along the river and it was a nice relaxing ride. Arriving at the gardens we parked the bike across the road and wandered down. The receptionist was really nice her son had been in Australia and she was quite welcoming, stowing our bike gear in the office which is always a bonus when you are travelling on a bike.

The gardens run between the Chateau and up onto the next hill. There’s all different styles of gardening through the ages. There’s lots of hedges and screens of trees which the pathways wind their way through revealing secret gardens. At the back of the gardens the family crypt is attached to the side of the village church and contains the remains of the family who created the estate.

The gardens are stunning and although the spring flowers had gone it was still a beautiful place to spend a few hours. If you would like more information you can find it here.

After we finished we headed back to meet our friends and enjoyed lunch. We then went for a drive together to Dinant. Dinant is a lovely town on the river, it is where the saxophone was invented and they are currently celebrating it’s centenary. Surrounded by hills that have an old Citadel and a beautiful church to visit.

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